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Thomas Leager     10/31/2018

  Madison School Board was forced, by unruly protesters, to take an emergency recess, and subsequently adjourn early. Leaving a much needed budget vote up in the air. This was a first in the board's history.

  A group of students from Freedom, Inc. gathered to make a case against police officers in schools, and ended up making a case for the "dreaded" Education Resource Officers.

  The students started by putting notes all over the board room wall, suggesting what should be done with money allocated for a contract between MMSD and MPD for EROs. They took to the mic, and began berating board members, like Mary Burke (Democrat). Making racially charged insults against white people, and hurling insults when Mary Burke could not pronounce the name of a student correctly. 

  One student spoke entirely in Hmong, because she felt that she was being ignored.

  What these students failed to understand, was that this board meeting was designated for a vote on the budget for the next school year; and legally their issue could not be discussed, nor decided on. So, the Budget has been pushed too a dangerously late vote.

  This shows how dangerous the rhetoric of the Left has become, as these mobs turn on Democrat party that stoked the flames of division and hatred. Burke is just one of many establishment Democrats that have been targeted by these mobs, expecting nothing less than total capitulation.

  Can the Left control the Beast it has unleashed?


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