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Cole Rainey     01/18/2019

--Gillette’s new ad struck a lot of people the wrong way. 

  Portraying their primary market, men, as mindless lust driven heathens. The attempt by Gillette to garner political points with the social justice warriors was successful with college professors, MSM and liberals in general touting the commercial as revolutionary and an attack on the patriarchy. A ‘Patriarchy’ which most leftists fail to define as something other than ‘systematic oppression of women’. Often citing no examples of laws that are bias toward women and reverting back to the ‘society is the problem’ argument. 

  Alienating the majority of your audience serves no purpose, it simply will reduce profit margins and hurt Gillette’s business. The commercial acts as if men are the only perpetrators of bullying and sexual harassment. Which is utterly false, as women/girls bully each other as frequently if not more than men. Also, considering prison rape, the margin between women and men being raped is closer than you may assume. This commercial was a plea to the SJW class to accept Gillette as a progressive company. But the result was a major shift for men to Dollar Shave Club.

  The commercial acts as if most men sexually harass women. Showing sexual harassment on the television and making it seem like some sort of cultural norm. Most men hate sexual harassment and to infer that it’s a masculinity problem as opposed to an individual problem is a cheap shot at the Judeo Christian values of many American men. Rape and sexual harassment is a cultural norm in extreme Islamic States like in Pakistan where a woman was sentenced to death after she was raped. The Daily Caller reported, “The panchayat, found her guilty of adultery and declared her a Kari, or adulteress. As a result the teen was sentenced to death by stoning or to be sold off.” 

  In other countries women are being degraded, terrorized and oppressed but the SJW class doesn’t want to acknowledge that because...

A: They are scared of Muslims 

B: They are indoctrinated so deeply that America is the home of the patriarchy. 

  The truth is in America there are laws protecting women from rape, unlike some of the rest of the world. Our society finds sexual harassment deplorable, so to infer it’s an American tradition or cultural norm is a direct attack on all men who have never demeaned/harassed a woman. 

  In America, being a father is one of the biggest responsibilities a man can have. Fathers truly do set the example for their kids and Gillette made it seem like the majority of fathers don’t care about their kids well being. Making them look cold and mindless as they refuse to take care of their kids. 

  At one point in the commercial all of the fathers repeat the phrase "Boys will be boys" as two kids roughhouse in the grass. Roughhousing and wrestling is self expression for most boys. Growing up I loved wrestling and roughhousing with my friends and very rarely did things get out of hand. To expect boys to shutter their natural impulses is quite the demand. Wrestling is simply one way boys like to compete against each other. Competition is naturally bread into all, and the lessons learned from competing. Also kids live out there fantasies when playing or even roughhousing. I remember the joy of pretending to be my favorite WWE Wrestler Shawn Michaels when wrestling with my friends in the grass. Those times were the time of my life, and when accidents occurred or things got out of hand I learned valuable lessons from that. It wasn’t traumatizing, and most boys aren’t looking to hurt each other when roughhousing. 

  All of the men pictured sexually harassing women were white men. And the majority of men who ‘came to the rescue’ were in fact not white. The commercial infers that white men are more likely to commit ‘sexual assault’ (which simply saying “Smile sweetie” is considered sexual assault/harassment based on the commercial) than other races of men which is racist and simply untrue. 

  Looking at the fact that one in three women are sexually assaulted on their way up to the US from central America shows that sexual harassment can come from any culture. Again it’s an individual problem, not a masculinity problem. The individual makes a choice to harass, it’s not a cultural norm!

  The commercial also attacks men who simply want to introduce themselves to a woman. In the ad one man simply wanted to introduce himself to a woman and someone stops him and says ‘not cool.' What’s not cool about being friendly? What’s not cool about introducing yourself to someone? Also why is it only white men who ‘sexually harass’ in the commercial? All of this subconscious programming is designed to portray white men as a menace to society.

  The Gillette ad is a symptom of the left’s war on the family. In order to destroy the family, first masculinity must be destroyed. The structure of the family depends on the man, as the provider, it’s the man’s responsibility to be strong and bold. Women can also provide, but most women are suited to nurture. 

  Men and women are equal but entirely different. Men are physically bigger and stronger than women. Signifying the evolutionary traits of scavenging and providing for his family. Women are naturally more intuitive regarding their emotions and feelings than most men, making the majority of women perfect for caring and nurturing. It’s God’s order that is under attack, the balance of life is being threatened by radical liberals looking to redefine basic biology and manifest a social re-haul of American society. The Gillette ad was simply one example of the mainstream media’s war on the family. The commercial represented the cultural perception of men the left is looking to create. A perception rooted in the idea that all men are equally lustful, mindless and bad fathers. 

  Gillette must deeply regret their decision to release such a divisive ad. As they have certainly lost one more customer, and many more will follow.


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