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Cole Rainey     12/22/2018

Trump Approach to Foreign Policy:

  Throughout the Trump presidency we have seen a major shift in approach to diplomacy, leading to major diplomatic success as America has avoided grave danger. The President’s negotiation skills have lead him to calm tensions with North Korea, avoid a potential world war with Syria and Russia and pull back over 7,000 troops from Afghanistan. While maintaining a hard line stance on radical Islamic terror, defeating ISIS in Syria and Iraq, Trump has avoided needless escalation of wars through outdated regime change policy, one that is pushed by the old guard political establishment.

  His foreign policy is strong but not intrusive or invasive. President Trump is not a Neocon, he is a political outsider who isn’t going along with the status quo of perpetual war. Regime change has been a failure since Vietnam, only leading to more chaos and a lack of order. The vacuum effect created by a lack of authority ultimately leads to tyrannical rule. As seen with the rise of ISIS in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya all of whom have suffered the heavy hand of U.S. regime change policy.

Even during the primaries Trump said we needed to get out of Syria, the Iraq war was a mistake and peace with Russia would benefit the whole world. 

  President Trump is a new kind of Republican and is changing the party for the better. Sponsoring international diplomacy and ushering in an era of global peace.

Trump vs. Military Industrial Complex:

  President Trump understands the military industrial complex. He understands corrupt organizations such as Genie energy-who’s major investors include Dick Cheney, Lord Rothschild, Democratic Party veteran Bill Richardson, as well as former CIA director James Woolsey-who are seeking to create a pipeline through Syria into Turkey. This would not be possible without regime change in Syria. 

   The once anti war Mainstream Media (during previous previous Presidencies, most recently the Bush administration) is now attacking Trump for leaving Syria. Exposing the fact that no matter what Trump does they will oppose and resist him. Both, establishment Republicans and Democrats are aligned in hammering Trump for leaving Syria. Neocon Lindsey Graham called it an “Obama like move” to exit Syria. Hillary Clinton came out and said Trump is putting our national security at “grave risk."  However the American people are done buying what the propagandists are selling, and the Military Industrial Complex is smarting from the loss of trust. Nothing spells out doom for the Globalist war-machine, more than the 2016 election. 

The American people chose peace over war, and elected Donald Trump.

North Korean Relations:

  When President Obama left office, tensions with North Korea were at an all time high. North Korea in 2017 claimed they had missiles that could hit the United States and seemingly had the intent to use them. Kim Jong Un threatened the US saying “He would reduce the US to ashes."

  The rhetoric from Kim Jong Un combined with unprecedented missile testing, conducted by the North Koreans, posed a grave threat to the United States. But, President Trump met this rhetoric with a strong response, setting the tone that there was a new Sheriff in town. Going toe-to-toe with the dictator as no other President has done. Trump seemed to know Un was testing him. Trump’s aggressive tactic was embodied by a Tweet that will go down in history, saying the United States would unleash “fire and fury like the world has never seen before” in the event of North Korean aggression toward the US. Due to the overwhelming military power of the US and the diplomatic work done with North Korea's sole ally, China; Kim Jong Un finally pulled his foot off the nuclear gas pedal. Eventually agreeing to stop conducting missile tests as he was lead to the negotiating table by pressure from the Trump administration. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo began the first of several negotiations that continue to this day.

  These meetings lead to the first peace talks to begin between South and North Korea, since their split in the 50's. The United States lead peace efforts in North Korea are promising in their potential to promote a lasting peace and stability throughout the region. Following talks with the US, the North Koreans and Kim Jong Un’s sister attended the 2018 Winter Olympics. Currently North Korea is in talks with the US and a potential nuclear war has been evaded.

  Trump's split with Establishment War Hawks:

  President Trump parted ways with establishment General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis over an apparent disagreement over Syrian occupation. President Trump’s intuition to pull the troops out of Syria was the right move. This is because pulling troops from Syria stunts establishment efforts pursuing regime change, eases tensions with Syrian ally Russia and it also allows the troops to be used in a more pragmatic way. Rumored uses of the military include being used at the border and or used to build Trump’s wall. 

  President Trump is proving to the American people that he will stand by his word and avoid needless wars in the Middle East.

In a second brilliant maneuver, Trump proved his loyalty to the American people, by announcing that he would be pulling 7000 troops out of Afghanistan. A war which has spanned almost two decades, beginning in 2001.

  Enough troops have died. Enough families have been devastated. International power plays by establishment politicians have finally overplayed their hand. The time has come for peace to prevail and President Donald J. Trump is proving to be the catalyst of that movement.


  President Trump is a dove. His foreign policy has proven to ease international tensions and bring about an era of peace... A Pax Americana. 

  While there is still progress to be made in the pursuit of global tranquility, President Trump has done more for world peace in two years than Barrack Obama, George Bush or Bill Clinton did during their entire presidencies combined. Obama and Bush maintained perpetual Middle Eastern interventionism (Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia) and Clinton’s decision to allow NOKO to produce light water nuclear reactors lead to them eventually becoming the nuclear power they are today. 

  Clinton’s hack political advisers and policy makers claimed that light water reactors couldn’t be used to make bombs. Not so according to Henry Sokolski, head of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center in Washington, who stated, “LWRs could be used to produce dozens of bombs’ worth of weapons-grade plutonium in North Korea."  The state of perpetual war neo-conservatives and neo-liberals have advocated for for decades is coming to an end. The American people said, "enough is enough" when electing President Trump. Enough war propaganda, enough lying politicians and enough needless regime change. Bring our Troops home President Trump! Let us usher in an era of peace, together.


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