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Roger Young     12/31/2018

--In May of 2018 an online movement began to form called “Gilet Jaunes” Which when translated is “Yellow Vest." Six months later the movement of the French people hit the streets with over 300,000 people on the first day.


  So far, many movements around the world have popped up in imitation of the “Yellow Vests”, such as in Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Canada. Could the United States be next to join in the yellow vest movement?

  It looks like the people on social media are starting to organize just that; a yellow vest movement. On Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and 4 Chan it seems to be gaining traction more and more every day.

  People from all walks of life are looking to capitalize on the Yellow Vest movement. Ordinary Americans are coming together and forming groups from all sides of the political spectrum; Democrats, Republicans and Socialists. People from different religions and races. People coming together with one goal in mind, to restore the power back to the people and to remove the “1%”—whether you call them the deep state, or global elite, or just plain criminals—from power.

  We the people have the same enemy... The government machine, the global elites and the corrupt mainstream media that keep us distracted and divided with their propaganda. The intent of the Yellow Vest movement is to put all differences between us aside, and create a non-partisan agenda to stand up to the system. The working-class people of America, and the World, versus the Global Elite. We the people are tired of being pawns of the global agenda. Tired of unelected bureaucrats ruling over us while our families suffer, and we fall deeper into poverty.

  The Yellow Vests say the government needs to be smaller, and they are pushing for term limits on the House and Senate. No longer will Congressman and Senators be able to reap the benefits from special interest groups, leading legislation to benefit a small handful of well-connected individuals, banks, corporations and private interests.

  There are different factions in the Yellow Vest movement, that have different agendas. But, the main message is the same. It's time to stand up! Now, before it's too late.

  I'd like to thank Adam with America Yellow Vest and #YellowVestMovementAmerica for all the insightful information. They would like us to let everyone know that events are being held on the weekend of Dec. 28th,2018 and Jan. 1st,2019…If you want to get involved with the yellow vests, grab your vest and find your local chapter on social media.

  The Free Men Report has no ties or connections with the Yellow Vests, nor is this article an endorsement. The opinions shared here are those of the writer, and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of The Free Men Report.

Published by The Free Men Report 12/31/2018

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