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Cole Rainey CALLS OUT Salem's Swamp Creatures in Shocking Testimony

Cole Rainey confronts the swamp creatures (as he calls them to their face) of Oregon's state legislature and gives them a piece of his mind.

Cole Rainey's Oregon House Judiciary Committee Testimony

Cole Rainey exposes the Rothschilds, Bloomberg, Soros and indicted child rapist Terry Bean's gun control agenda in this shocking testimony.

The Rainey  Report: Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Governor Kate Brown is a Bloomberg/Soros funded career politician who is looking to implement authoritarianism across Oregon.

The Rainey Report:

Exposes Oregon Democrat's Connections to Pedophilia

Cole Rainey discusses corruption in Oregon

The Rainey Report : Ilhan Omar

Cole Rainey discusses U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar, and her mission to destroy American Values. Her sympathy to terrorism, and deep rooted anti semitism, via repeating Nazi-esque anti-Jewish and anti-Israel propaganda. Omar is a product of Somalia's Islamic Communists (Red and Green), and seeks to drop the United States borders. Destroying America's tradition and law, and exhibiting open contempt for what America's founding and pure ethic was intended to be. These actions make clear that Ilhan does not have the best interest of an American country or the American people in mind. Rather, she has the best interest of expanding and establishing strong holds of an Islamic Communist State. We will not accept this type of attack on our natural rights. 

The Scariest Things Your Government Can Do To You.

Cole Rainey discusses how the Government infringes Rights and gets away with it. CPS has been giving away parental rights from citizens, with the threat of having your child removed if you do not meet the requirement of the State. Rainey expands on the U.N.'s tyrannical hold on America, and how communities are being organized by an International interests rather than a Sovereign American interest. The Expantion of the dependent centered Welfare State has turned us into dependent slaves, rather than free peoples. The United States Govt.'s use of propaganda to control and shift public opinion, to cow the average Citizen, and control the way Citizens view the world and the truth. 

Americanism vs. Globalism

Our host Cole Rainey once again destroys the agenda of the Soro's class, the Murdoch Class, the Elite's of the Duopoly racket. In order to realign and restore our Republic, there must be a massive shift back to our Individualist Founding Principles. Going on to Expose Neo-Con globalist war, and Neo-Liberal attack on domestic freedoms and rights, as it poses a great threat to America's very existence. The Left is instituting the Big Brother faction of the Globalist agenda, via UN Agenda 21 which uses Socialism, Climate Alarmist propaganda , Keynesian economics, and Abuse of Private Citizens. 

It Is Time To End The Drug War

The war on drugs has failed America, and needs to end. Freedom requires that People make their own decisions. The possible benefits of drugs that are currently illegal outweigh the negative. Yet, we let our government dictate what we sell, and what we can put in our bodies or use to manage pain. Government cannot legislate morality, nor can it legislate away vice. We must be free to make our own decisions. If we let the government treat us like children, then we allow tyrany. But, ee are not children in need of a tyrannical big brother or nanny to watch over our every move, nor provide for every fearful eventuality; we need freedom.

Oregon News Blog

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Terry Bean: Oregon Democrat's Connection to Pedophilia

Entry 2


Sara Gelser Feels "Unsafe" because of Patriot Representative

Cole Rainey Discusses Sara Gelser's attack on a Patriot State Representative. One that dared take a stand against the tyrannical laws that Gelser and her ilk would push, and  hollow out the Oregonian Economy.

Oregon Democrats Funded By Convicted Child Pornographer

Several Oregon state legislators are directly funded by a man convicted having child porn. Former Oregon house majority leader Jennifer Williamson, state. Senator Shemia Fagan and Governor Kate Brown have all taken from this guy. We the people deserve answers!

State of Oregon & FBI Now Openly Spying on Students

The FBI, in cohesion with the state of Oregon, is now pushing the #ThinkBeforeYouPost campaign. Where school students are surveilled and kept on a list if they pose a "threat". The FBI and the state of Oregon are out for TOTAL CONTROL. This wicked surveillance agenda must be exposed before Oregon is totally under the deep state's control.

Greta Thunberg is Soros Funded

      Greta Thunberg is a Soros funded, ANTIFA supporting, climate paranoia inducing swamp minion who simply echos what her handlers have fed to her. She is pushing a narrative of government intrusion and hyperbolic climate irrationality. Her truth has been manufactured by the elites. She has received praise from the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and multiple presidential candidates for her climate hysteria narrative.


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