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Cole Rainey     01/22/2019

--At the Lincoln memorial in Washington D.C., a group of students from Covington Catholic High School wearing ‘MAGA’ hats


-were waiting for their bus after the March For Life. 

  While they were waiting, a group of militant black protesters called the Black Hebrew Israelite's started shouting at the students. Saying things like, “You dirty ass crackers, your day is coming” and “bunch of future school shooters right here."  One account by student Nick Sandmann claimed that the protesters threatened to “harvest the organs” of a black student of Covington. This would go on for over an hour, until the students started doing school chants to drown out the hate coming from the Black Hebrew Israelite's. 

  During this ordeal, the 'Indigenous people’s' rally was finishing up nearby. One of the leaders of the Indigenous peoples rally, Nathan Phillips, decided to confront the MAGA hat wearing students for apparently no reason. Perhaps because he was triggered by their Trump hats and couldn’t help himself from instigating something. Phillips would beat his drum in the face of student, Nick Sandmann, the teenager's infamous smirk has now lead to numerous death threats and leftist hatred.

  To support this President makes you a direct target for media smears and outright slander. News sources reported the story as if the MAGA hat kids confronted the Native American veteran and harassed him. When in fact, as the full video shows, the native american man approached Nick Sandmann directly and instigated the situation. Mainstream media’s quickness to rush to judgement exemplifies their disdain for President Trump and his supporters. 

  These kids have received death threats that have gotten so bad that on January 22nd, Covington Catholic was forced to cancel school due to threats of violence. This type of divisiveness stirred up by the mainstream media is simply a symptom of their Trump derangement syndrome. Anyone who supports low taxes, freedom and a strong military is now labeled a bigot and is the defacto oppressor regardless of the extenuating circumstances.

  Native American Vietnam Veteran and leftist instigator Nathan Phillips went on CNN and claimed the children were shouting “Build the wall” at him, which was untrue. The video clearly shows the kids were simply enduring a mob of rabid leftists attempting to incite some sort of violent encounter. On CBS Phillip’s claimed he was protecting the Black Hebrew Israelite's from the Trump supporters. Even though the video clearly shows the students minding their own business waiting for their school bus while the Black Hebrew Israelite's shouted vulgar homophobic slurs at the boys. Phillips is getting his 15 minutes, as he makes the rounds on CNN, CBS, ABC etc. But what he did was not virtuous or heroic, rather it was an attempt to instigate a problem with a minor. 

  The left is hell bent on convincing the public that Trump supporters are all racist and “deplorable." Leftist clown Kathy Griffin even came out and called for people to doxx the students of Covington. Others such as verified Twitter user Jack Morrissey depicted a picture of the students being shoved into a wood chipper. The tweet read, “#MAGAkids go screaming, hats first, into the wood chipper” simply disgusting. Another attack toward the Covington High School kids came from verified Twitter user Reza Aslan who claimed, “Honest question. Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?” More attacks followed, one from musician Wheeler Walker Jr. who posted, “I know I have fans in Paris Hills, KY. If you know this little shit, punch him in the nuts and send me the video of it and I'll send you all my albums on vinyl autographed."  

  The calls for violence toward conservatives will begin to inspire action if this continues. Naive people fall prey to MSM’s narrative, and naive people lead by the false mantra that "Trump is racist” and “Orange man bad,” ultimately will end up attacking those whom they disagree with.

  The left is looking to normalize violence toward conservatives. Their means of achieving this goal is the stigmatization of all Trump supporting conservatives. This stigma attached to being a Trump supporter has been manufactured by a bias MSM and the unrelenting pursuit of the global elites to drown out support for the president. President Trump is revitalizing the United States, the economy is booming (despite the Fed’s continual interference with the monetary system), international relations are improving and our border is being protected. 

  The left can’t stand the fact that conservative policies are the most effective means of bringing prosperity to all people as opposed to just bureaucrats and government employees.

  Being a Trump supporter/conservative in high school is challenging enough as it is. Without the MSM spinning an edited video clip and insinuating falsehoods about the teens. This type of erratic, malicious and emotional rhetoric is now the foundation of the left. Name calling and lies are the new norm. The Black Hebrew Israelite's proved that the left is simply intolerant of those who disagree with them. 

  The Covington High School kids did nothing wrong, Nick Sandmann was simply standing there and he smirked. Oh God, he smirked, is this a hate crime? Ridiculous. He did nothing wrong and his bravery in the face of persecution is exactly what we need to see more of in the conservative movement. Like Thomas Paine said, “I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress”. Garner strength from persecution, learn to smile in the face of adversity. These kids did nothing wrong, they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was instigated by the Black Hebrew Israelite's and the 'Indigenous peoples' marchers. 

  The kids only crime is supporting President Trump, which as usual resulted in death threats and calls for violence from the left.


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