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Updated Free Men Newsletter

The Free Men Report Discusses the Racist Ideology of the Left... It is pretty much a cult of melanin worship...

        The Media spins President Donald Trump's decision to crackdown on the "anti-white privilege" training in government as, "He's against anti-racism training, and calls it anti-American... Therefore he must be a racist! And therefore America must be racist..."

But, here's the problem... It's not "anti-racism" training, it's "anti- white privilege" training... Aka Anti-Western Values... Aka "eliminating whiteness"....Aka eliminating white culture. That is not anti-racism, but actually teaches one type of racism. 

       So it's actually melanin supremacist training... They are instilling anti-American, anti-white racism in employees... The klan couldn't have made a more a racist policy, than forcing government employees to be brainwashed into hating people based on their skin color and heritage!

White Privilege is a racist ideological tenet...

       So, to all the melanin supremacists that say, "Black people built this country, this Country was built on stolen land, and so therefore black people have the right to loot, murder, and burn it down.. "

       This in itself reeks of racism! Many cultures built this land, and the narrative that it was stolen is silly; all lands, everywhere in the world, have experienced conquest. That is an argument that is disingenuous and dishonest on its face. It amounts to no more than an excuse to behave badly and rationalize racially motivated hatred by P.O.C....

       The Left are essentially adopting a Nazi-like ideology, while touting an international socialist government. Destroying America, a land that has provided more wealth for the most diverse group of people in human history, under the idea that some how blatant revenge on people who never committed these real or imagined racist acts, is somehow justified... That is a hateful ideological premise.... 

       They speak of abolishing property rights, when really they mean taking your wealth and distributing it based on race. That is racist. 


       So let us also look at "Intersectionality", an idea that there is a hierarchy of disenfranchised people, that those people need other people who have "systemic power" to help them raise themselves up; then by raising themselves up they must oppress those who had systemic power. The only way to atone for the mythical "white privilege" is guilt, and helping to destroy western and white culture... Rather than celebrating all cultures equally, because without hatred this cult would not grow or thrive; as it is a failed ideological basis. Yet, that failed ideological basis of division and hatred, is most necessary for the authoritarian government that these leftists seek to promote.

       So, the higher you are on this hierarchy, is based on how many "marginalized" groups you intersect with based on your background. This on the surface appears to be an effort to provide equality, but really it hides a nefarious and disgusting ideology. The higher you are on this pyramid, the more people that you can spew hatred against and not be called racist. 

       Most people reading this will laugh, and think this is silly; yet this is what your children are being taught in race and genders studies classes in all the major universities across the country. Along with the teaching of forced equality of outcome, which is the most dangerous of authoritarian ideations, because it is only achievable by the oppression of others, more successful groups of others.  Whether the success is rightfully earned, or is even real; that is a totally different argument; because like the Nazi's hatred of the Jews, this argument stems from old world hatreds long promulgated by racist factions. These divisions and conditions do not even have to be real, they only have to be perceived as real. The media is more than complicit in the propagation of this false racial narrative. Many of these ideological puritans, and authoritarians are propagandists in the Mainstream Media. The left has worked long to totally take over the narrative of this country, and not for everyone's best interest... They seek control above all else. 

      The Left believes that success in any group should be regulated, as to not let any one group get the upper hand (unless you are a person of color, then they will teach that you deserve to be given everything because you "built this country" which we've already established is a false premise) ; rather than letting one's work and efforts speak for themselves. Hard work and perseverance is a sin in the cult of left wing identity politics.  

       Then, there are the puritanical speech codes of this left wing cult. All must adhere to the politically correct. What is politcally correct will change witht he whims of the leaders of this cult, and enforced by their media cohorts. 

       Then there are the lower ranks on the hierarchy of the intersectional cult, the more successful your race is presumed to be, the more apt you are to be discriminated against and hated by the left. Colleges have even taken to handicapping those of Asian background because they score on average, very high... How is this not racist?

       Yet, no group is more reviled among the cult of the leftist intersectional, than the white, straight, male that identifies as a male... Woe to them, for they  are the lowest of the low, and therefore blatant hatred for them is allowable, as they are said to have the most systemic power. Yet, they cannot provide examples of this "white privilege" or systemic power, outside far off and inaccurate historical accounts that have lead them to their hateful out look on white men, white people in general, and Western culture. 

       We must stand united, under the Constitution, against all racism. No matter where it comes from, no matter who promotes it. We must recognize tyranny and racial hatred for what it is, and cast it out of our society. For America was built on the beliefs of Individualism, and not collective tyranny. The individual deserves to be free, and when one individual is trampled for the good of the collective, then we all suffer. The individual deserves to make their own decisions, and should never be subject to force for the collective good. If we are to live up to the promises of the Bill of Rights and Constitution; then we must accept this to be true... Or forsake Liberty altogether. 

      When I meet people, I judge them on their individual actions and not their race, sexual orientation, or background... Yet, the left will not accept this; as they can only see everything in collectivist terms, and refuse to see the individual outside the confines of their racial collective. We must reject this as a Nation, for it will only lead to misery and destruction. 

       Read and watch the videos below, and then do your own research into this left wing cult ideology.... Let us know what you find....

Sources and Research material

These are just a few examples of a main stream result of melanin supremacist ideology being propagated as being acceptable, and schools will even use symbols of this ideology. I did a report--which was subsequently eliminated by Facebook-- about how schools in the Madison WI area are actually using these symbols. Our schools are teaching white children that they are bad, and black children that they deserve revenge and to dominate white people. 

Tariq Nasheed is another example of Melanin supremacist ideology, and how it has ingrained itself into the mainstream left wing ideology. 

Nick Cannon admits he is racist:

Nick Cannon calls White People savages: 

The Free Men Report Founder Banned from Facebook for defending Kyle Rittenhouse


 ​       The Founder of The Free Men Report, Thomas Leager, was banned from Facebook on 09/02/2020. Facebook gave no reason, ​and never gave his account any warning. They simply booted him offline, and disabled his account. I would not be surprised if they reinstate all the Patriots after the DNC holds the elections hostage! So, we will be putting more content on the website, and the alternate social media accounts that are posted on the homepage. 

      With the censorship higher than ever, we need help. Whether it's applying to become part of The Free Men Report, or donating $5, $10,$20, or more.... Any little bit helps, as the American Civil War has kicked into high gear. Help us keep people informed, and defeat the mainstream lies!!!

Republicans hit back against Gun Control, and

China purposefully releases Covid-19 as part of  Globalist contingency plan to crash economy

A bill titled H.R. 5716 has been introduced by Representative Thomas Massey, a Kentucky Republican and sponsored by other Republicans in the House. This Bill would lower the age to buy a handgun Nationally, to 18… It is titled the SAFER Voter Act, an acronym for “Second Amendment For Every Registrable Voter” act.

After the heinous actions by Democrats across the nation, and especially in Virginia, to break down the foundations of our Republic; this is a refreshing and welcome change, as it seems like some Republicans might be getting their head in the game. The Fight for our real and natural rights is under way, and hopefully this signals the cavalry has arrived; but no matter what this signals, Patriots of America are not giving up anymore when it comes to Natural Rights.

The COVID-19 virus continues to undermine faith in the stock market, but there is a real silver lining to this cloud. I believe the time has come to relieve ourselves of dependence on Chinese goods, even if that means tightening our belts; as well as freeing ourselves from the boom bust cycle of central banking and fiat currency.

With faith in the markets going down, faith and demand for Gold and U.S. Treasury bonds has gone up. If America can uncouple itself from China, while at the same time re-asserting a Gold Standard and moving towards a system of competing currencies rather than being at the mercy of central banking cartels; then I believe the sacrifice and belt tightening is worth every bit of it.

So, after really looking at this virus… I believe that its main objective is to undermine Trump’s economy before the election. China knows that they cannot long hold out in a trade war with America and was conveniently in need of a population culling as Hong Kong’s resistance was exponentially gaining international support, especially in America.

Democrats Adopt Elitist First Policy

Dems throw the Middle Class over for deeper pockets.

The Left knows no shame when it comes to their lack of ethics and disrespect for our Republican Democracy. They blatantly disregard all checks and balances, and use the Constitution as a door mat… Now they are fighting for more say in our elections, for “The Elites”

An article on WaPo written by Julia Azari, titled “It’s time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing president”

In this article she advocates for “…A better primary system…” Saying it “…would empower elites to bargain and make decisions, instructed by voters…”

Instructed by voter huh? What I am hearing, once again, is that the Left are throwing over the middle class, for the fascistic private/public partnership model of central control, super states, and a borderless world. They are beginning to embrace their position as the party of Silicon Valley, and Wall Street billionaires, rather than fighting it anymore. They believe that they, the anointed few of the leftist elite, know better than you… See a trend? Remember what we talked about on the last news blitz?

With the grand archetype of progressive elitism, Bloomberg, gaining ground each day, via sheer economic force; and having announced, though quietly, that he would consider well-known and infamous elitist Hillary Clinton as his running mate; we have essentially seen the dawning of a Truthful Democrat Party. One that openly and honestly admits that they want to control your life, but don’t worry…. It’s for your own good.

They want to change the system to cut out those pesky voters, and constituents interfering in their placement of puppet politicians in office. This is blatantly offensive to the people of this country. Nothing is more repugnant, than elitism and the oligarchical aspirations of a Party run by Progressive busy bodies. Tyrannical busy bodies, that believe that YOUR property, tax money, even your children’s future and education rightfully belong to their ever-expanding Corporate State control.

This is NOT the free market, but a new hybrid of Communism/Socialism/Fascism, to increase government oversight of every aspect of your life, and society.

Azari suggests a “Preference Primary” in which voters would rank the candidates, but elites have the final say…. Essentially cutting out any real choice that “The People” have over who will run for office, and possibly make decisions that would alter your life drastically.

We must consider this as nothing less than the last coffin in the nail of a party that has completely abandoned “The Little Guy” and the Constitution, for an “Elitists First” policy.

There are two other glaring indicators of this new turn in Democratic politics, the first being the embrace of an issue close to the hearts of the Billionaire Koch Brothers, and that’s open borders. Globalist and Mainstream Media would have you believe that this is an issue of Human Rights, but I am here to say it is an issue of infringing on American’s Natural Rights. Sovereignty and Property Rights are the bedrock of Freedom, Liberty, and economic mobility. Open Borders policy only imports voting blocks to undermine American values, devalues the job markets (as so many left-wing revolutionaries used to champion immigration reform, by fighting illegal immigration to increase union bargaining power. Both Bernie Sanders and Caesar Chavez—who coined the term Si Se Puede—both were proponents of strong borders. But it seems that with Bernie’s recent upgrade to Millionaire status, he has had a sell-out’s change of heart. He now agrees with all but abolishing the border of our country and opening the United States to being looted by the International Community.

While WaPo was in the mood to be honest, and they came to the same conclusion I did on the last show. Publishing and article titled: Eugenics is trending. That’s a problem. Written by Caitlin Fendley

She states that 11,000 scientists signed a statement urging population control… This is science, and social engineering run amuck. Yet, the progressive left and the Democratic Party have adopted the causes of the elites, and their mad scientists. They push phony and altered statistics to scare a whole generation of young people to abandon dreams of prosperity and entrepreneurship, but to embrace an austere future of global death. They continuously try to convince the public that they need to give up their freedom, and hard-earned money via carbon taxes; and give over their rights and their dollars to the elites… So that the elites and scientists can fix the imaginary, fighting windmill, crisis of climate change.

This is the narrative of death and the Democrat party. It is the narrative of elitists and unelected bureaucrats. This agenda comes with an expiration date, as the Democrats race to champion this “Big Brother knows best” policy… The UN declaration is called Agenda 2030, and the Democrat party mirrors this sadistic, unfeeling, and cold plan of tyrants. Straight out of hitlers playbook

2A Victory in Virginia

HB961 fails, despite Governor Northam’s attempts to bully constituents, and force through widely unpopular legislation—legislation that was so unpopular that 50,000 armed patriots came from all over Virginia and all over the United States.

Northam responded to the down vote of the Bill that will most likely destroy his entire political career, by saying he was “disappointed”, and why wouldn’t he be?

The Governor’s Press Secretary, Alena Yamosky, was quoted as saying “We will be back next year”, which is a strangely optimistic opinion with 2020 foreboding a HUGE democrat loss in Virginia, barring massive voter fraud.

National Rifle Association spokeswoman Catherine Mortensen celebrated the delay and denounced the bill for criminalizing “law-abiding gun owners.”

“This is a victory for honest, hard-working Virginians who shared their support for the Second Amendment in rallies on the capitol, in one-on-one meetings with their lawmakers, in letters-to-the-editor, and in phone calls, emails, and texts to their state senators,” she said in a statement.

“We thank the senators on the judiciary committee for listening to their constituents and delivering a bi-partisan defeat of an egregious gun ban that would have criminalized law-abiding gun owners.”

Possible Bloomberg/Clinton ticket, and Blomberg's support for death panels

Video has surfaced showing Mike Bloomberg advocating death panels, a universal healthcare system that denies treatment to elderly cancer patients, based on the idea of saving government resources.

This fits well with Michael Bloomberg’s MO, which is that of a nanny statist and a “I know what’s best for your life” progressive tyrant. Seeing that Bloomberg has recently entertained a death wish idea of a Bloomberg/Clinton democratic ticket, Bloomberg may indeed fall prey to Clinton’s own personal death panel.

Covid19: Virus Genus name

Coronavirus as it pertains to Economy and World Food Supply

With the markets are being flooded with cheap money, Kraft Heinz bonds are being downgraded to junk, and Greek and Italian bonds are suffering the same fate. High economic times in America continue, but is that a long-term trend as we see the shadow of the Wuhan virus and its ramifications grow longer and larger.

Though many Americans may shrug off news coming out of China, the markets are laser focused on Covid19—coronavirus. What they are seeing is a growing threat of breakage in the global supply chain, and that DOES affect America. We are one of the largest importers of Chinese goods, and a good portion of Chinese Industry never re-opened after the Lunar New Year. Migrant workers stayed in their villages, and many are not showing up to punch the time clock.

Covid19 is still shrouded in quite a bit of mystery, but the one thing that is for sure, is that the economic consequences will be felt across the globe.

So, while the dollar appears to be growing stronger, gold prices continue to rise. Impending International Monetary crisis is being masked by Central Banks

Kraft Heinz bonds fall into junk territory, due to downgrading of debt. Just one instance, and it might mean nothing, or it might be the beginning symptoms of impending economic collapse, and paired with the coronavirus may spell an Armageddon style disaster of biblical proportions

“The moves by Fitch Ratings and S&P Global Ratings turned Kraft’s debt into a “fallen angel,” a term used by fixed-income investors to refer to a situation in which a company’s debt goes from investment-grade to junk status. Moody’s Investors Service still considers Kraft bonds investment-grade, but has placed the company on negative outlook, a sign that it could also deliver a downgrade.”

S&P Global Ratings late Friday cut Kraft’s rating by one notch to BB+ from BBB-, the lowest investment-grade rung. Fitch made the same move earlier in the day.

Sasha Baron Cohen's convincing, though misguided, Speech to ADL

Sasha Baron Cohen at around 12:30 minutes into the video, echoes the concerns of Conservatives in America and around the World--that would seem encouraging, except he prescribes a remedy of more tyranny rather than more free speech. He says "Freedom of Speech doesn't equal freedom of reach", by saying this, he is advocating for and propagating a new feudalistic system of two classes of ideas, and people. The ideas that deserve to be spread, and those that do not(controlling the "truth"); this decision is to be made for us peasants by the anointed "elected" officials of the political class. This is what Cohen advocates for in this grotesque supplication to the alter of central control and tyranny via bureaucracy.

Where the masses have been clamoring for a freer and more open playing field, Cohen repeats the lies fed to him by other propagandists, that only government should decide what you should see and hear--that only government can come down from on high and dictate your truth to you, and that you do not have the brain power to comprehend the truth for yourself!

Feel insulted? Well you should, because these tyrants actually think this way.

In the same speech, he defends ANTIFA as a noble organization, calls any political post in opposition to Ultra-Woke Progressivism, Nazism,Russians, and anti-Democracy forces. He calls criticism of Islam "racism" when Islam is not a race. This is the most disturbing glimpse into the mind of the Real Robber Barons of Government and Multi-National interests...

At the end of ALL OF THIS, he says that the ultimate aim of Society should NOT BE Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness but to provide Safety. He says that "...experts, not ignoramuses..." should determine what is fact. This is one of the MOST anti-Liberty, Freedom, Equality, and anti-Constitution speeches I have ever witnessed. 


Entry 3

Join or Die!

Do we ever really consider this flag? Its vital importance to this Nation's founding? Without it, I would argue, that we would have never become a nation. I really see two things that lead our Rebellion against King George a success; that is Baron Von Steuben's training of Washington's fledgling army fresh out of Valley Forge after suffering many deserters, and Ben Franklin's Join or Die cartoon which lead to the putting aside of egos and acting in a cooperation of shared self interest and equality. 

What do we see when we look at the major patriot groups within the Liberty Movement? Ego...Hubris, ego, lust for recognition and command, a thirst for fame. Everyone want's to be the next General Washington, but we have to remember that he did not want to be President--the People even offered him Kingship and he refused. George Washington did not seek, nor want power; therefore he was the best person to trust it to. The same applies today. Without all our groups and organizations uniting to work together, the longer we will stagnate and die off as a movement. 

We are all Brothers and Sisters trying to save our Country, yet we refuse to work together over petty differences, greed, and ego. Those that want the attention and authority are the least qualified and deserving of the command over others; whether general or politician. 

I tell you Brothers and Sisters, I did not write this to be negative, but to show the importance of unity and solidarity in our movement to save the Constitution and this Country.

It is time...Join or Die!!! 


Entry 2

The Future of Tyranny

The Pentagon released a startling video via a FOIA request The Intercept published it. While it is disturbing enough on its own, combined with the idea of "Smart Cities"; an idea that has been put forward by the Tech Industry and Politicians on both sides of the aisle, it is petrifying. We see three systems meant to work as a triad. A symbiotic weapon aimed at the Freedom and People of this United States.

Freedom is only ours, if we can keep it. Smart Cities will herd people into massive urban centers, full of computerized electric cars and cameras watching your every move. Google and Facebook will control what we hear, what we see, and what we think--this is the most frightening of the three components, as this is a plan to control reality itself. Behind all of this will be the might of the Military Industrial Complex, billions of dollars in black projects and soldiers, these are the Enforcers, those that deal with dissidents. They will work in the shadows, disappearing people in the night. Just as Big Brother in Orwell's 1984, they will not and cannot abide martyrs. They propose all of this tyranny to us in a nice flashy package of convenience, but the price of this convenience is Liberty itself.

Those who step out of line, they will be terminated with extreme prejudice. Using the training that the Pentagon has spent billions of OUR dollars on. This video is proof that the Military Industrial Complex is training for War Against Civilians. They are training for WAR AGAINST YOU!


Will you fight back?

The Free Men Report is using this video under "Fair Use" Section 107 of the Copyright Act. It is not the property of The Free Men Report.

 June 22nd, 2019  

First Entry:

The State of Disunion in the Divided States of America

"How the West is Setting the tone for Civil War"

    The United States, in all its glorious and bloody history, has seen its share of heated ideological splits; but not since Charles Sumner (Abolitionist and Leader of the Republican Party) was beaten by Southern Democrat Representative Preston Brooks-- almost to death on the Senate floor, and Sumner had to hide under his desk to keep from being killed--has the United States seen such a divide in mindset, as we see today. 

        As that conflict grew out of the future of new western states, and the bitter feelings between old eastern ones, we see history unfold in its tragic repetition. Slavery vs. Abolitionists, State power Vs. Federal Authority, and those fighting for the old ways of the Southern Feudal plantations against Northern industry. Their causes were rooted too far apart to reach an agreement on any terms. 

       Our country is in the grips of the same type of ideological schism, decades in the making. Except terms seem much clearer, and though the left may pretend it is rooted in racism, the diversity in the Patriot movement continues to grow. Our fight is between those who believe in the free market, private property, States rights, and the roots of our American Republic; and those that believe in Collectivist values through Socialism/Communism, which includes Libertarian Socialists, Syndicalists, Marxists, Anarchists (Pretty much the same as libsoc) and all the ideologies of anti-property and anti-profit. 

       Schools, especially universities, have become glorified indoctrination camps, re-education centers to wipe away all traditional values, ethics, and any parental influence which may lean towards the classically liberal founding principles of America. Those who hold close to the ideas of our founding, embrace the free-market and the values of republican democracy are ostracized by the university elites. This means the older folks, the blue collar Americans, the middle-class, and those students who refuse the brainwashing of the leftist collectivists. Two distinct camps form, and the very root of their disagreement stems from ideological polar opposites. Pro-property/sovereignty and those who are anti-property/sovereignty. Nationalists vs. Globalists. Individual vs. Collective. We cannot even begin a conversation of cooperation and unification, if one side wants to outlaw the very foundation of the other camps beliefs. You cannot begin a conversation with someone who is actively trying to rob your house.

       Again, the West is shaping the nature of another Great American Civil conflict. 

       In Oregon, Americans that value Liberty, Individual Rights, and the conserving of the English Liberalism that founded our country, have said "Enough". 

       We see 11 senators of the Oregon GOP,  walking out on votes in the State Senate. Votes on Bills that are wholly unconstitutional, unethical, and tyrannical--many which have come directly from the mandates and dictations of a foreign body of un-elected bureaucrats: the U.N.--like HB 2020, an emissions bill that cow tows to the climate alarmists, politicians hungry for more tax dollars to fund the giant socialized state government, and line their pockets. 

       Gov. Kate Brown, in a move straight out of the dictator's handbook, authorized the Oregon State Police (Statist Force) to bring the Senators back to the Senate Chambers, and essentially hall them by their shirt collars to vote on a disgustingly unconstitutional bill.

       In a violently authoritarian outburst, Kate Brown is quoted as saying,


“It is absolutely unacceptable that the Senate Republicans would turn their back on their constituents who they are honor-bound to represent here in this building,” she said in a statement, according to KOIN 6. “They need to return and do the jobs they were elected to do.”


       These bills castrate the Oregonian economy, and will see Oregonians to the waiting doors of the government welfare system... The  poor house. 

       Industry and skilled labor--the very backbone of the middle-class--will desert Oregon; being replaced instead with soul sucking, low paying, and hellish corporate cubicle jobs. Jobs not worth doing. Perhaps, jobs deciding what Google will flush down the "memory hole" that particular day? These factories of the fascist new age, will be devoid of insurance, because the "liberals" running them believe it's the government's job. 

       Maybe, that is why most of them vote for the Statist Left, that believe in government expansion. No greater indicator of a human being's heart exists, than the words, "It's the government's job to provide that." Maybe the Jeff Bezos's of the world (Liberal Socialist Democrats all) believe if they can get the government to pay for it, they won't have to. 


Side Point: 

Jeff Bezos' Amazon made a $600 million dollar deal with the CIA, on top of the 2.4 billion in subsidized aid. This is the face of Commu-Facism. On the outside, subsidy and regulations seem to be good for the "regular joe", but they really insulate the industry from competition. On top of being friendly to the right (or left) politicians, and you enjoy subsidies; like the Bezos', the Zuckerbergs, the Apple's, Google's... It is socialism via public/private partnerships. The government directs the companies and the direction they should take. and that in turn directs the economy, but the owners are allowed to control direct day-to-day operations. It is nationalization or communal ownership of the means of production, via elected representatives and politicians. Many in the big tech information traffic game profit in large amounts, through subsidy and bending to the will of politicians and the federal intelligence agencies

 Part 2 06/24/2019 :

       The good people of Oregon recognize this. The GOP Senators recognize this. I would be very surprised if, deep down, Kate Brown didn't recognize this as well. 

      So, we see the stage set for a bitter political battle in Oregon, as the dry kindling that is the leftist controlled West, begins to smolder and burn. Soon, smoke will come to fire. 

       As I sit writing this entry, the Brave 11  as they have been named, are still at large; with Oregonians cheering them on. The Free Men Report's own, Cole Rainey, has begun a grassroots movement of support. 

       Mainstream Media in Oregon, and across the country have branded these dissident patriots, and the Citizen Militias that support them, as "Dangerous". Shutting down the Oregon Senate, and Capitol building claiming fears of violence from armed militias, and citizens. Another move out of the fascist playbook, branding those who would preserve freedom, as "radicals" and "violent", even going as far as to brand them "white supremacists".  

       Self-governing communities are forming. Willing to risk everything to disobey and subvert the mass of unconstitutional laws, being forced upon them from liberal hubs in their respective States. Far away legislative bodies, that know not and care not about the struggles, needs, and  values of their middle-class and rural constituents, have overplayed their hands. WE THE PEOPLE, of the Western states--California, Oregon, Washington--are again beginning to hear the russel of the fallen leaves, and the creaks and groans of the dying Liberty Tree. So, as many an American has done before them, they pick up their tools and take to preparing for another watering of freedom. 

Needles, California

Sanctuary of the Constitution

       In another feat of American gumption, and a turning up of the People's middle-finger to the Leftist California establishment, Needles City Council unanimously and independently voted "Yes" to making Needles, California a haven for the Second Amendment. 

       (Just that statement alone, shows how misguided and off course America's political landscape has traveled. When, one city must secure what is by Natural Law, and by the Constitution,  the Right of a Free People; then we must  truly  have reached an impasse.)

       Yet, true, red-blooded Americans are the "Never Say Die" type, and they are made of sterner stuff than was supposed by the "liberal" elitists--the technocrats. The authoritarian stranglehold of the West has become more than Patriots can bear. So, we watch and wait. 

       These are not just the struggles of day to day politics, these are the brush fires of liberty. We come to a fourth turning. Can we take care that our experiment in self-governance does not shake itself apart, that the ship of freedom is not dashed on the rocks?

More Coming Soon...

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