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Thomas Leager     12/12/2018

  President Xi Jinping is the State! And, he will have no other Gods before him. Sounds like Asia has a Nazi problem; and surprise, he is a leftist!

  Each permutation of Leftist ideology has contributed to the Neo-Commufascist DemiNazi (Democratic International Socialist) ideology that we see today.

  Mussolini and Giovanni Gentile mixed Nationalism with the ultimate totalitarian idea, that the leader is an expression of the people's will, and that the State is its ultimate incarnation. The "Hive Mind" collectivist idea. Hitler took this nationalism and took it a step further, instilling an inate racial hatred in the people; an idea of an oppressive, other than human, over-class (systemic white racism, Social Justice, intersectionality, and white privilege) that expresses itself through the oppression of the self-proclaimed minority-in essence they are the majority-and underclass. No member of the "minority" can ever be wrong, when they spew vitriol and hatred at the "privileged" oppressors, because they are oppressed; and the oppressor is not human.

  We see the modern incarnation of this distinctly dangerous type of racism through the SJW intersectionality movement.

This is collectivism, progressivism, Marxism, and utopianism mixed together with a smattering of mysticism and Gaia worship. The followers are indoctrinated through the schools, binding the ideology to their core structure of self-identity, creating droves of young fanatics willing to do violence and create mayhem for the "cause".

  All who do not believe are lumped into the heretic category. "White racists, Uncle Toms, climate deniers, conspiracy theorists, misogynists, xenophobes, homophobes, the list of names for "the heretic" goes on ad infinitum. However, it always spells the same thing, "DOOM" for freedom, liberty, natural rights, and any thoughts of true peaceful coexistence. Due Process is set to be a thing of the past, and privacy is all but an archaic premise--along with self-governance, self-defense, and individualism. All will bow to the State! To the Collective! Behold the Brave New World, and despair!


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