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Cole Rainey     12/11/2018

--Our border is under attack. 

  The national security of The United States is uncertain as multiple caravans of predominantly military aged men stampede our border expecting easy access to The US. According to The Political Insider, "the current 7,000 person caravan is attempting to enter the United States," a second caravan is now forming in El Salvador.

  El Salvador is notorious for being the breeding ground of the vicious gang, MS13. These caravans are backed by far-left organizations and entities looking to undermine the national security of the US. The assertion that these caravans are simply vulnerable women and children is mainstream media propaganda at its finest.

  The reality is these caravans are a vessel importing violent criminals and human traffickers into the United States. The Daily Wire reports “A member of the notorious MS-13 street gang, captured this week at the border crossing in Calexico, California, admitted to U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents that he used the 8,000-strong "migrant caravan," that snaked its way through Mexico from Honduras and Guatemala, as cover to re-enter the United States.

  This occurrence is just a sample of what these caravans are bringing to our communities. Our President was right in denying these migrants asylum, he recognizes the risk that surrounds these caravans. However, the executive order banning asylum seekers has been ruled unconstitutional by the 9th circuit court of appeals. 

  Almost anyone who crosses the border illegally will have access to the Nation. With the current catch and release laws in place, most illegal immigrants are caught and released into the US awaiting their court date. A date that most simply don’t show up for as they already have access to the country. The White House website states “only 3.5 percent of UACs who are apprehended are eventually removed from the U.S.” 

  Gang members bring violent crime and sex trafficking with them. The caravan is harboring criminals and people who simply cannot assimilate to the culture of the United States.  WND has already reported “how human smugglers have been arrested from among the travelers, and investigators rescued seven unaccompanied minors at risk.” This type of degeneracy is common among thugs. Criminals cannot be permitted to enter our communities and bring crime, violence and terror.

  Far left organizations and activists such as George Soros are rumored to be behind the funding and aiding of the caravan. Meanwhile, the Judicial Watch is calling for a criminal investigation into George Soros for funding and aiding the caravan. WND has reported that the previous migrant caravan had the “support of major foundations, corporations and billionaire George Soros." Soros backed attempts to undermine our democracy are prevalent in today’s politics.

  James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have already exposed Beto O’Rourke’s campaign illegally funneling campaign contributions to illegals who have made it across the border. Beto O’Rourke received, according to Dallas Morning News, “About half, or $31 million, of the $62 million [he’s raised] to date has come through ActBlue, according to his latest filing.” ActBlue is a Soros funded organization, so Soros was essentially funneling money through Beto’s campaign to aid illegal migrants in the US. Also Soros got involved in Oregon’s politics giving a campaign contribution of $25,000 to Oregon Governor, Kate Brown (just three days before announcing she would not assist President Trump in using the Oregon national guard at the border). Ultimately, Soros’ involvement in US politics is a threat to our sovereignty.

  George Soros is aiming to destabilize the country by importing crime and violence into peaceful communities and has reported that George Soros’ Open Society is working behind the scenes with the UN to aid migrants heading to the southern border like those in the caravan. Entities and organizations in the pocket of Soros are responsible for this attack on our communities. That is why Soros’ native Hungary has passed a “Stop Soros” bill criminalizing aiding illegal immigrants. The United States should follow Hungary’s lead and stop George Soros’ involvement in US politics for good. 

  The notorious gang MS-13, who operates on the motto of 'Kill, Rape, Control’, has already made a presence in the United States. According to Daily Mail, "the gang has an estimated “20,000” members nationwide and has brought murder, drugs and crime to vulnerable communities. As just last year Thirteen alleged members, ten of whom are illegal immigrants, were arrested in connection to seven slayings in Long Island."

  El Salvadorian criminal enterprise is already proving to be a threat to national security. In Houston, two teenage girls were beat with bats and hacked with machetes so severely that their bodies were unrecognizable. This type of violent crime is typical of MS-13, who take pride in their carnage. Proven by the smiles and camera waves that came during the trial of gang leader Miguel Angel Alvarez-Flores, 22, who also goes by 'Diabolico,' and 18-year-old Diego Alexan Hernandez-Rivera. This type of evil needs to be eradicated from our society. Allowing these caravans to enter the US is asking for more crime and violence to plague our communities.

  El Salvador is the breeding ground of MS13. The Political Insider reported “A year-long operation in August yielded an arrest of over 600 members from the notoriously violent gang within the country.” El Salvador is infested with MS13 and accepting migrants from there poses a grave threat to ordinary Americans. Neighboring Honduras, the origin of the first caravan, accepted migrants traveling from El Salvador to join the caravan before its departure. Many of these El Salvadorians are MS13 members looking for entry into the United States. Which is an entry that simply cannot be permitted. Vulnerable American women and children are in danger due to immigration loopholes allowing migrants to have easy access to the United States. Our President is poised to take his case to the Supreme Court and they will ultimately decide if his ban on asylum seekers is constitutional. Until then, the continuous violation of our border will be the norm.

As MS13 expands their influence nationwide and ultimately causes more carnage, violence and terror. Aside from the risk of gang violence and the continued expansion of MS13 there’s the issue of the cost of taking care of these illegal immigrants. It was estimated by a CIS study reported by Newsmax that “All immigrant-headed households — legal and illegal — receive an average of $6,241 in welfare, 41 percent more than the $4,431 received by a non-immigrant household on welfare, according to the analysis.” While federal law does prohibit illegal migrants from receiving federal benefits, it’s all too common that they use their US born children to receive benefits. Newsmax reports illegals’ healthcare costs alone are costing the US “As much as $1 billion a year.”

  The central areas these caravans are coming from are costing the US the most, as immigrants from Mexico and Central America receive an average of $8,251 yearly, 86 percent higher than the benefits used by non-immigrant household. With the long term budgetary issues facing our country it’s irresponsible to allow non-citizens to receive benefits. Veterans can barely access the VA while at the same time there are illegal immigrants reaping the system for all it’s worth. 

  There’s already a legal process in place to get access to this nation. It’s a slap in the face to everyone who’s gone through the legal process when an illegal immigrant skips the line and makes a new life here. It can take years to become a citizen legally. It just takes days to become an illegal resident. Our Nation is at a crossroads, do we continue to tolerate the vicious assault of our border, or do we fight for immigration reform and the wall? Without pressure from an informed public, the status quo will remain in place. Without speaking out and voicing our concerns the squeaky wheel will continue to get the oil.

  The far left does a much better job at being loud than we do. Primarily because it takes more to get the right riled up than the left. At this point we need to be loud and proud because we’re the last line of defense in this fight against this globalist policy of open borders. Without a fight from the right, the left would have their way and MS13 would be permitted to gain easy access to our most vulnerable, our country would continue the plunge into never ending debt to pay for illegals and federal agencies keeping us safe such as ICE would be abolished. We cannot allow this to happen, it’s time to fight for Americans first.


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