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Thomas Leager: Founder of The Free Men Report

Constitutionalist activist, Political Organizer, and Journalist


  I’m an American exceptionalistI believe America is the greatest nation in the history of the world. Our country was founded on the principles of freedom, equality and natural God given rights. As an American, I feel it is my obligation to fight tyranny along with all the other patriots who understand the crucial need to preserve liberty. I also love Jesus, following Christ has benefited my life immensely. I encourage anyone reading this to seek God out and you will find Him. 

  I am an accomplished writer, scoring a 35 out of 36 on my ACT in writing. I love to write, it’s a passion of mine. I feel my writing is a tool in the war on tyranny. I have plans on running for office straight out of college. I hope to serve from a young age and make a significant difference in the world throughout my life. 

  My goal is to be a warrior for liberty, a fearless advocate of conservative principles and ultimately be a leader in the anti-globalist movement. I love God, family and country in that order and all in all I’m a patriot.

   I hope you enjoy my work!


  To tell you a little about myself, and who I am. I hail from a small rural town in Southern Indiana, with a population of around 3,177 people. My closest neighbor is about 2 miles away, and the closest thing to a city is about an hour away. 

  Living in the boondocks, I naturally keep my rifle very handy, and am an emergency prepper in my spare time.

  I was never into being political; at least not until Barack Obama's second term as president. At that time, my attention was drawn deeper and deeper into the political situation of our country. That's when I started to see the hypocrisy in the media.

  I've been a watcher of InfoWars for about nine years. I may not always agree with Alex Jones, but he's been telling the people the truth for 25 years. Now, we are watching all his predictions come true.

 Having said that, I have my own opinions about things. I've gotten more into citizen journalism and writing, as the mainstream media bias becomes more obvious.  Mainstream media has been trying to tear apart the office of the presidency; and I couldn't sit back and just watch.

  I consider myself a patriot and Three Percenter. I would absolutely take up arms to defend this country  and it's Constitution. I am at heart a Constitutionalist, and I lean to the right of the spectrum.

  I would like to thank Thomas Leager and The Free Men Report for the exposure.

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